Omamori Charm

Omamori Charm


Omamori Charm Knot


VIP/JDM style


(Note) These knots are hand made and created to order. 

The stamp burned into these charms is burned into the wood by hand so there may be slight variations from the pictures shown. This also contributes to the unique quality of each individual charm (no one is the same).



This Omamori Charm is meant to hang from the rearview mirror of your car.



They feature a knot with a wooden charm that has been branded with a Torii gate and kanji that says  “Creative Culture” (said: sou zou teki na bun ka) in Japanese on both sides so it is visible from outside and inside your ride.



The Omamori Charm is a lucky charm similar to the Omamori given at Japanese temples for protection adn good luck. Omamori means "to protect" and the Torii gate is also a symbol of protection found before entering sacred ground, most notably a temples.


Pair this with a Siah’s Original Tsuna knot or Special Tsuna for a complete look on your ride.